Band Selection
Mosaic/Imagery Selection

Landsat Mosaic Selection

The mosaic selection defines how the server should join multiple Landsat images into seamless imagery for display.

This project focuses on prebuilt, low-cloud mosaics. Each seasonal mosaic is created by first selecting all images in the given season, then using those with the least cloud percentage.

The "Latest Available" mosaic uses the most recent images available, regardless of cloud cover, while its cloudless counterpart uses the most recent images with less than 5% cloud cover.

About the Project is an application to explore Landsat 8 satellite imagery in the browser using WebGL (via The backend runs on AWS Lambda and is powered by Cloud-Optimized GeoTIFFs, a fast cloud-native file format that enables streaming portions of raster images. It draws from the huge repository of Landsat 8 data publicly available on S3, thanks to the AWS Open Data program.